Saturday, March 2, 2013

WE ARE HOME!  After hours of travel we made it home.  We touched down in Atlanta around 1:30 PM on Friday and I believe we finally stepped out of customs/immigration around 3 PM (not totally sure on the time).  We walked out to a great crowd of friends there to greet us and a personal photographer - Thanks so much Tiffany!

For me, the van ride home was when the wall hit me.  I can't really sleep on the plane so I had been up for close to 24 hrs.  Last night is really a blur.  I was in bed at 6:30.  The kids around 7:30 and then I found Keaton and Addison playing the Wii at 1 am.  They were wide awake.  Lexi slept ok but ended up in bed with us from 3 am on.  Addie did play her basketball game this morning and played well but all three kids are asleep this afternoon.

We are working on getting loads of laundry done and trying to get back to a normal schedule.  Tiffany is dropping off pics from our arrival later this afternoon and then I'll post those on the blog.

It's good to be home!



  1. I'm so glad you guys have blogged about this like you did with Addison's journey. It has brought back memories of those days, and I don't think I've read a single blog post without tears in my eyes. Lexi is such a doll, and it's almost like she was never NOT your daughter. She just fits in so nicely. Keaton seems so grown up to me, and he and Addi are going to be such a great team welcoming Lexi to her forever home. I hope I get to meet that sweet thing soon. Until then, give her a kiss for me! Love you guys, and wish you nothing but the best.

  2. I'm glad you got home uneventfully. Love the picture of Lexi with the scrunchy nose smile in her stroller - so cute! And so neat to see her HOME!

    Praying as you guys adjust and catch up on sleep and life and get to now be a family altogether at home! Yay God!